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List of Python GUI frameworks and tools

Even though python is not really known for it’s GUI-Applications, there is still a huge number of GUI frameworks or toolkits out there. If you started working with python, chances are high you got past the very basic of GUI frameworks out there: “Tkinter”. Usually the Tkinter-package is bundled with python itself and is defined as the standard GUI package. Working with it is simple, fast and pretty much self explaining after you got into it for some minutes. But what about the others? I created a short list of frameworks I worked with in the past and some I only know by name. These frameworks will be categories into their supporting platforms, so it will be easier to for you to find something suiting for your personal project.

Platform-specific Frameworks

Package Platform Note
Chaquopy Android SDK for Android apps
PyObjC MacOS
Ocean Windows
PyWin32 Windows
MacPython MacOS OSX and OS9
IronPython Windows Visual Studio alike

Cross-Platform Frameworks

Package Platform/Build Note
appJar Windows, MacOS, Linux Simple wrapper for Tkinter
CEF Python Windows, MacOS, Linux
Enaml Qt Minimal effort for a good end result
formlayout Qt Simple and tiny module to create dialogs
PyGObject Windows, MacOS, Linux The site says it all “If you want a Python GUI application using GTK+, then PyGObject is the way to go.”
gui2py WxPython A framework with build in visual tools, perfect for beginner (Caution: There might be Python and WxPython Version differences)
PYJS Browser, Linux, Windows Pretty much the only GUI framework for the browser I know about
guizero Windows, MacOS, Linux Based on Tkinter, for simple UIs
Jython Java
kivy Windows, MacOS, Linux Huge framework, with many functions
libavg Windows, MacOS, Linux High class multimedia framework with OpenGL-Rendering
PyForms Qt OpenGL rendering and modular software design
pygame Game engine
pywebview Windows, MacOS, Linux lightweight wrapper to shot html content in dedicated windows
vtk Visualization-Toolkit for 3D graphics and image processing
pyglet Windows, MacOS, Linux OpenGL multimedia library
PyGUI Windows, MacOS, Linux
PyQT Windows, MacOS, Linux QT for python
Toga Platform independet
WxPython Windows, MacOS, Linux

IDEs / GUI Design Tools

Package Target Note
Visual Tkinter IDE Tkinter
PyGubu Tkinter
xRope Tkinter IDE with class browser, file manager and code completion
PAGE Tkinter GUI editor
Komodo Tkinter IDE for Python, PHP, Perl, Go and Ruby
IronPython Studio Windows
PyScripter Windows IDE for Python and Delphi
NodeBox Windows, MacOS, Linux App for 2D visuals
The Eric Python IDE Python and Ruby editor and IDE,  integrating the highly flexible Scintilla editor control
Glade Windows, MacOS RAD tool for the GTK+ toolkit
PythonToolKit Windows, MacOS, Linux

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