Having over 800 games on steam was a huge mess for me. I needed to decide which game I should play. For this I used the WhatShouldISteam-Page, but we wouldn’t be programmers if we didn’t achieve this stuff ourselves. So let’s find a game to play! To use the SteamWebAPI we will need two information: […]

Some years have gone by since the release of the new ECMAScript Standard 6 and there are still many people out there using var to declarate variables in JavaScript. I understand that even after these years, there might be some versions of browsers which do not support the let and const declaration. But if you’re […]

Being able to edit an existing WordPress template and actually knowing what you are doing is great. Building your own can be fun too, but most of the time you will find yourself in a slum of functions you’ve never heard of. The most common function of a template is to support given functions from […]

Even though python is not really known for it’s GUI-Applications, there is still a huge number of GUI frameworks or toolkits out there. If you started working with python, chances are high you got past the very basic of GUI frameworks out there: “Tkinter”. Usually the Tkinter-package is bundled with python itself and is defined […]

Understanding the JavaScript-Runtime might be one of the most helpful things you could learn. Fully understanding the workflow of our applications might get you some new ideas and open up new ways of developing new applications or even help us on refactoring our old code. The language JavaScript is amongst other things described as a […]

In genereal the workflow of each programmer out there is different, but what about the enviroment we want to work with? If you’re either an experienced programmer or a newcomer, ready to dig in, you might have gotten into this confrontation before: Should I pick an IDE (integrated developement enviroment) to build my application or […]

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